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Personalized Money Management

The Social Equity Group offers socially responsible Personalized Money
Management (PMM). Our highly customized portfolio management is for clients with $250,000 or more to invest. This ensures adequate diversification and helps minimize long-term risk. For accounts with less than $250,000, please contact us for a personal consultation on the best choices for your investment strategy.

What is PMM?

PMM is for the investor who prefers continuous, professional supervision and
management. SEG offers investments in:

  • common and preferred stocks;
  • taxable and tax-free bonds;
  • real estate investment trusts (REITs), exchange traded funds (ETFs), and unit investment trusts (UITs);
  • developed and emerging market international securities;
  • money market funds with automatic sweep.

Investing directly in a customized portfolio can offer many advantages to a mutual fund or standard brokerage strategy. Such advantages include:

  1. Constant monitoring and improved execution;
  2. Greater flexibility in choice of investments;
  3. Lower startup and trading costs than typical commission brokerage or
    load funds;
  4. Tax minimization strategies allowing for offsets, deferrals or
  5. Ability to focus on unique social concerns;
  6. Competitive and tax deductible  management fees
  7. Commission and load free investments!

How does it work?

For a low annual fee based on asset size, the client meets with the advisor and determines an appropriate portfolio based on individual financial and social objectives, as well as the current market climate. Securities are chosen from the SEG-developed investment universe. Once needs and objectives are agreed to, the manager will have the discretion to act quickly to obtain the best price and develop the best portfolio.

The client receives quarterly statements tracking the portfolio and a comparison to the appropriate industry benchmark index. The manager reviews the portfolio personally with each client to assure maximum satisfaction and continuity of investment objectives.

PMM is a win-win strategy! Our fees can only go up if your portfolio increases in value. We sit together on the same side of the table throughout the investment process.

PMM is subject to a different fee structure than a brokerage mutual fund account. Though a brokerage mutual fund account may be subject to commissions for each transaction, or a fund's sales load, a PMM account will incur an annual fee even if there are no transactions. Further, for investors who elect no-load mutual funds and are willing to monitor and manage their own portfolios, the cost of a PMM portfolio may be higher.

Next step?

To get started, contact us for more information or a complimentary financial review.


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