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Education Saving

Tuition costs have been rising faster than inflation rates – between 4 and 8 percent a year. An average annual increase would push a $16,000 annual tuition bill to more than $33,000 in 15 years.

Numerous tax breaks and college savings options, including new 529 plans, have emerged in recent years to help make college more affordable for many families. We can help you evaluate and select the best strategies for your situation.

One of the biggest questions many parents raise is how to save for their children’s college education without sacrificing their retirement security. At The Social Equity Group we can help you determine acceptable trade-offs.

We can help you answer these questions:

    • When should I start saving for college?
    • How much do I need to save each month?
    • What are my investment choices?
    • Should I save in my child’s name?
    • What can I do when there is little time to save?
    • How can I learn more about financial aid?

For the majority of families, a college education is a goal worth the financial effort. We can help families provide a good, affordable education for their children.


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