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Retirement Planning

Retirement today is more than just a matter of accumulating enough money.

At The Social Equity Group we can help you make smart decisions to help insure you against financial hardship during your working life, choose appropriate retirement accounts if you are employed or self-employed and select investments that reflect your tolerance for risk. We can help you navigate the fine balance between saving for retirement while also addressing college tuition costs.

We can help you calculate what your dream retirement will require financially and identify which resources you have available to pay for it.

Do you want to retire early? We can help you think through the financial issues before you take the plunge.

Are you already retired? We can help you calculate a withdrawal percentage to make sure your retirement savings last a lifetime.

Health issues requiring long-term care can be the biggest single threat to a retirement nest egg. Medicare does not pay for extended long-term care. We can help you evaluate your options in preparing adequately for this possibility.


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